This blog is on issues in Statistics and Machine Learning related topics.  The blog is written by Hila Federer-Shtayer, PhD, BSc.


Hila is a qualified and experienced Researcher, Statistical Consultant and Data Scientist with a strong understanding of and enthusiasm for data collection, data consolidation, statistical analysis and data mining. Over her career she employed and acquired comprehensive knowledge of diverse Statistical & Machine Learning models and tests, using different suites and platforms.


Hila holds a BSc degree in Applied Statistics from Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia) and a PhD diploma in Political Science from Leiden University (The Netherlands), with specialisation in quantitative research methods. She is a member of The Australian Social Research Society (AMSRS) and the Statistical Society of Australia (SSAI) and an active member of Statistics Without Borders (SWB). Hila is currently providing her services, as a Senior Data Scientist at RACV (Royal Automobile Club of Victoria), Australia.


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